Switching Coasts

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Ad for Adderall

Are you casually apathetic?
Are you mildly indifferent?
Do you have fewer than 2 hours to write your thesis?
It'samiracle corp brings to you their finest new chemical endeavor:


Do you remember what It'samiracle corp's Marijuana Plant did creativity? And what their massively popular Shrooms did for existentialist thought and budding novice philosophers?

Their newest invention Adderall (patent pending) brings you once again into a different plane of existence.

This time, you fly to a land of unequivocally focused thought. Like a nerd with a pair of newly taped glasses, everything suddenly snaps back into focus.

Are you a procrastinating, stoned sorry excuse for a student? (ie: a pothead senior)?
Did you put off that senior thesis until the night before it's due?
Pop an Addie and your need for eating, drinking and sleeping will melt away and mutate into a formless, shapeless, spikey yet enjoyable concentration.

It'samiracle corp. Adderall. Getting Your Ass In Gear. (c)

Sunday, May 01, 2005


neeeeyaaaaaaarrrrrhhhh!!!!! Just like a damn coke high, I'm shaking and shimmying my way through life right now. I have WAY too much excited, nervous, crazed, happy, hyperventilatory energy.

10 days: last day of college
15 days: last final exam in college
20 days: graduation, mofos.

~80 days: san francisco

Shit yeah, it's cool.